Fire within

You should have opened your eyes
You should have looked beyond,
Looked through
Looked closer
Looked in,
For if you did you would have seen it
You would have seen the fire that’s within

Look past what you see
And you will see it
The quiet strength that burns within.
It cannot hide yet not all will see it
You cannot fight it when it shows

That fire within it burns so steady
It’s the heart of a person who’s been through so much
It’s the strength that cannot be seen
Unless you look in
It’s the might of the unbroken
It’s the fight, the fire that burns within

You may not know it when you see it
But it can be found if you just look
It’s faith, It’s love, It’s hope, It’s freedom
It’s joy in pain
It’s life through death
Can you see it?
Do you look?
Will you find it?

You had your chance
You didn’t see
This fire so bright it burns through me
The quiet strength that I have learnt
My hope, my faith, my joy, my love
You did not look in and see
You were given a choice to see beyond,
To see the heart, to see the fire

The fire still burns this is true
Others have seen so why not you?
What do you miss when you do not see?
You miss seeing the real me

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