Little one

Where have you been oh little one?
What have you done?
What have you seen?
Something has changed oh little one
I see it in your eyes,
The way you move and talk

You’re different now I see so clear
I see the world’s effect on you
I see wisdom beyond your years
What has made this so?
You’ve grown so much oh little one
I do not see the old you

In the blink of an eye you have changed
You’re stronger, you’re braver this I see
I wish you could see what I see
But trust me it’s true, oh little one,
You are not the same you.

Gone are the days of hurt and shame
Gone are the days of pain
Your joy, your life is shining through
It shows the faith and hope in you
It’s a light so strong that I can see
I do not tell a lie

Look through my eyes and you will see
The world has changed you this is true
It’s left its mark and scars on you
Do not fear oh little one
Do not cry
This change is good I promise you

Your beauty is so clear to see
Your changing heart brings hope to me
Do not hide it, let it show
Your future is now stronger too,
You’re changing lives I can see
Oh little one please believe me

Little one now so strong and brave
Gone is the child you once were
It’s true you’ve changed I have not lied
This change is good and clear to see
Your future is there in front of you
Look behind and you will see
The past has made the woman in front of me
Little one it is true, little is no longer what I see in you

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