I am coming back

I am coming back
To the place of my birth
A place I once called home.
It’s different now
This place I have come
This place I once called home

The trees are taller
The people bigger
The magic somehow lost

Yet this place once called home
It still speaks to my heart
It tells my story
Shows my past
Shows where I came from

Yes the trees are bigger
And the people too
But they are not alone
For I too have grown and changed

Although the magic
Now somehow seems lost
It has not all gone.
For in the past
In this place once called home
Is a place where I can see
How tall I have now become

Once so small and just a child
Eyes closed, head bowed
In this place called home
I gave my heart
My future sealed

Looking back and coming home
I can now see
From a seed into a tree
My roots planted firm
I now stand tall and strong
Flowering like the sun.

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