Pray for Problems

I am so grieved today.

I went to a new church today with an expectation to see God move, instead I walked out with my heart absolutely grieving.

Why you ask?

Well, it wasn’t because of the worship; it wasn’t because God wasn’t there. He was.

It was because the person preaching said that the Holy Spirit is greater when there is a problem, so pray for problems.

Wait, what?

Pray for problems????

Yes, God is in problems, and draw close to God when there are problems, but pray for them?

I have had my own pain and heartache in the past, and I would not change that the journey for the world. Through that I have learnt God’s heart for me, and I have a story to tell about God’s grace; but there is no way that I would ever pray for problems. I would never want to see someone in ICU at 40 kilos dying.

There is a song that says we want more than the wars of our fathers, our generation has our own wars to fight without praying them in.

I don’t think I have ever seen in the Bible people praying for suffering to feel close to God.

David, Ruth, Job, Paul, Joseph, Jesus. They didn’t pray for the things they went through. In fact Jesus said take this cup from me, but your will be done.

Paul said “I rejoice in my suffering,” not because he could feel closer to God but because he could see how God was going to use it.

The point of this Pastor was not bad, I don’t think. He wanted the congregation to draw close to God, to get excited when bad things happen; because lets face it when you are in the middle of the storm there is nothing more exciting than sitting there with the expectation that God is going to walk out on the water, get in the boat, and say to the wind “be still”. He was right when he said that is when it gets exciting, but seriously, we also have to live in a place of victory not of self-flagellation.

I want to see a nation to see the next generation step into all that they can be. To understand who they are to the Father. To see a place where the broken is whole.

Life is not perfect. I am not even going to pretend that it is, but we have control over our minds, over the way that we see even the problems in our lives.

Pray Heaven down not pray up to Heaven. Yes there will be storms and problems plenty enough, but Jesus came to set us free. He took all pain, illness, sickness, and sin to the cross so that we could step into all that we are called to be.

Where in the world does praying for problems to come so we can be closer to God fall into that.

I know that I might be going into a rant right now, but I don’t want to see another generation lose who they are because they don’t understand the power of the cross.

Draw close to the cross. Spend time with God. You don’t need to pray for something to happen to be close to him.

Like the prodigal son as he started his journey home to the father, the father came running.

All you have to do is turn around and start heading home, God will meet you on the road.

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